Cooking tips for making food tasty

cooking tips for food

Top 10 cooking tips


It is easy for anyone to maintain good nutrition habits and it starts with your kitchen.  You must use best cooking tips to make your food healthier and tastier.  We have mentioned some tips that help keep up the nutritious value of the food and enhance taste as well:

Top 10 cooking tips to make your food tasty

  1. Tips to make chapattis softer:


If you wish for to make softer chapattis, you can add warm milk or warm water to the flour and leave the dough for ten minutes.  It helps make the dough soft and chapattis softer.


  1. Ideas to make Kheer more easily:


Kheer is the much loved Indian desert and everybody likes it the most. Sometimes milk gets stick to the bottom and burnt.  It may spoil the taste of the Kheer.  You can add some water to pot you use to prepare the Kheer before adding milk to it.  You should always use heavy bottomed pot.


  1. Increase flavor of nuts or food ingredients:


Whenever you organize any food, you should use this tip to improve the flavor of its ingredients.  You can toast Dal, Rava, Rice and nuts before cooking.


  1. Make Rice tastier and soft:


You can add few oil drops to rice before cooking it.  This tip is to keep away rice from becoming sticky.


  1. Idli Making Cooking Tip:


Everybody loves soft Idli but sometimes it becomes hard with ordinary recipe.  You can add some cooked rice or sago to it to make it softer.


  1. Tip to speed up the fermentation:


You can keep the curd in any warm place or on the voltage stabilizer of freeze.  Sometimes switched off oven and hot box will also work.  You can also wrap it in blanket and speed up the process of fermentation.


  1. Make Pasta Easy to Eat:


You can run boiled pasta under cold water and drain it.  It helps separate noodles strings and make it easy to cook and eat.


  1. Make boiled eggs easy to peel:


You can add some salt to water while boiling the eggs as it helps it easy to peel the skin of eggs.  It is also valid to potatoes.


  1. Remove smell of onion or garlic:


You can use stainless steel sink to rub your hands in order to remove smell of garlic or onions.

  1. Peel Garlic easily:


You can use a wide mouth glass jar and screw lid on it after putting garlic cloves to it and shake this jar strongly.  Open the lid and dump the peeled cloves on a paper.


  1. Lemon Juice:


If you want to squeeze out lemon then better keep it in warm water for half an hour before doing it.


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