I lost my best friend

friends story

It is hard to imagine life without friends. They give us happiness and joy in our life and are also responsible for some problems at some times.

It was the time of October. I was busy in myself at my home.  Suddenly there was a notification on my mobile phone.  I opened the notification and saw that was a massage one of my high school’s friend, who text me ‘’ that day was Sweety’s birthday.  As I read that massage my eyes were full of tears because Sweety was also one of my closest friends. That time we had a group of only four friends that were too close, naughty, well known among the teachers and all the students of my school. I saw all the days in a second, which we passed with each other.

I remember- it was the time of august 2013 when someone called me and said about sweety. I was shocked that time. Because last month I meet her. Even I used to talk her regularly. Firstly I thought someone is kidding with me. And I called to my other friends to ask about her. Everybody was saying same. I was completely lost of my mind and not ready to believe on it. Then I remember – her brother vikky is my brother’s friend and I request to my brother to ask somebody about her. When he heard about Sweety, he was also shocked because he saw her perfectly fine before one day. And he called someone and asks about Sweety. He told same thing that I was not ready to accept by mind and heart.

If anybody would describe her, she had a look like a doll and was too pretty.  I remember when she entered firstly in our classroom, everybody were recognize her and admired her. She had curly and brown hairs, which were touching her shoulder, lovely and brown eyes, soft cheeks,  pink lips and a attractive face that were attract many of them She loved dressing up too much.  She could attract anybody towards her.  She always stayed one step ahead for party and be ready always.  And enjoy her life like there is no tomorrow.

Till than we do not know she is our classmate.  After 2 or 3 days, we came to know that she is a student of our class.  There was a large percentage of boys and a small percentage of girls.  And boys were too happy to see her in our class.  Because some of them were too much attracted with her appearance .Moreover, she was a master of flirtation ship she made many friends due to her open behavior.  She never leaves a single chance to flirt with boys. She was the girl who spent a lot of part of her time having crush and talking to boys.  Some boys have cruse for her what she knew well and always tried to control them.

She was a good friend also. As time was going ,she was going to be a dearest friend of our group and always ready for friends. Irrespective of how bad we are feeling or how sad we are , there was a friend of ours who always try to come up with jokes and funny things to say, keeping the atmosphere happy for us .  It was really bliss to had such a friend like her in life.  She was that type of friend also who never stay behind in giving advice or always start a philosophical conversation with you about life.  She always had a different angle to every problem and try to solve them for you in a complete different ways. She loved to give intellectual advice to us.

I was helpless to remove the picture of Sweety in my mind.  It was rotating repeatedly.  I remember – after her death I met her nanny with whom she and her brother were used to living due to her father’s abusing, alcoholic and bad behavior.  I asked to her nanny about her last time.  She told me – suddenly she felt fever and they did hospitalized but she was no more that time.  She was weeping, weeping, and going to talk about her.

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