Top 10 gifts for sister on Raksha Bandan

rakhi for boys

Raksha Bandhan celebrates the great bond between brother and sister. It’s an occasion to show the power between the relation of brother and sister, where the ties an inexpensive thread on the wrist of  brother, which become increase their relation.

The word  “Raksha Bandhan” is made by two unique words, they have different meanings. The word “Raksha” means protection, and the word “Bandhan” means bond. It means when the sister ties the Rakhi on her brother, then brother gives a promise to save their sister from all troubles and also give her a gift in return. This year you can gift her best gift and make your relation strong.

Top 10 gift list given below:

1.Time : Yes, the first gift is the time it’s means everyone is busy in their Individual life anyone has no enough time for each other, If you want to make happy your sister then you can spend the whole day of Raksha Bandhan with your sister because every sister expects to Time and Presence of his brother. So, Time is a great gift for sister on this Raksha Bandhan.

watches for boys

2.Chocolate box:  We all know that everyone like chocolates so, this Raksha Bandhan you can gift a huge chocolate box to your sister. If your sister chocolate lover then you can gift different brands chocolate in a big box. After watching a big different type of chocolate box your sister will surprise and feel special.

chocolate box

3.Clothes: If you want to happy your sister then you can gift clothes because every girl loves to dress up. But you will remind a thing that buys clothes as per her taste.

kurta for girls

4.Hand bag: You can gift her a hand bag which is very useful to her because when she will go anywhere and look at her hand bag then she will remind you, that’s nice gift for sister.

Hand bags for girls

5.Make-up kit: You can gift a make-up kit for her because every girl loves to make-up and if you buy the branded and expensive make-up kit. She needs to make-up then she will remind you because you do her work easy to gift a beautiful make-up kit.

makeup box for girls

6.Parlor Voucher: You can also gift Parlor and Spa voucher for her then your sister uses it and she becomes relax from your gift. You can happy her.

gift cards

7.Frame: If you want to make a strong relationship with your sister then you can gift a  photo frame which in put your and your sister best images then she will feel happy to see this.

photo frame

8.Coffee Cup: Your sister likes to coffee or tea then you can gift a coffee cup. Every morning your sister taking your coffee or tea then your sister will remember you very well and feel happy.

coffee mug

9. Accessories: Most of the girls love to wear a lot of accessories like earrings, necklace and anklets. So the brother gifts to her gift these accessories and you will become your sister happy.

jewelry for girls

10.Footwear: If your sister like to wear a different type of footwear then you can also gift it as per her taste.

If you like our top ten list for sister on Raksha Bandhan then you can comment in comment box.

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