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Visiting Places in Paris

Paris is the 5th, famous and most popular city in the Europe and the capital of France. Paris has been one of the major centers of Finance, commerce, fashion, Science and Arts of Europeans. According to a survey, Paris was the second most expensive city in the world. Specially, Paris is known for it’s museum and architectural landmarks. It is the most likely and the favorite place of the visitors.

There are many visiting places in Paris, like “louvre” the most visiting Art Museum in the world. The’ Musee National d’Art moderne’ is one of the most popular landmarks of Paris.

Like the cathedral of notre Dame De Paris and the Gothic Royal Chapel of Saint chapelle, is popular landmarks in Paris. Historical quarters of Paris is the main tourist attraction, which is the most visited museums in Paris.

“ Eiffel Tower”  of Paris was announced 3rd most visiting destination place in the World, in 2017, after Bangkok and London. But the Notre Dame Cathedral is still having the top tourist attraction of Paris. Eiffel Tower center pompidou Chapel Of Our Lady of the miraculous medal, the museum of natural history contains the most visited moment in the City. Notre Dame Cathedral and louvre as well as Saint Eid chapele Les invalids, where Tomb of Napoleon is located. The Eiffel Tower located on the left Bank Southwest of the center panthean and catacombs of Paris are located on the left Bank of the seine . Other several and much visited landmarks are situated in the suburbs of the city.

Paris has been also famous for its Grand hotels. The hotel Meurice Intercontinental, Paris Le Grand Hotel, Hotel Ritz, hotel carillon, hotel Bristol, hotel Georgev  including these hotel and other 85 hotels having Five stars category, with 119 thousand rooms.

Painting and sculpture in Paris

According to a result, Paris has acquired a status as the city of art. Italian artist were a reflective authority on the growth of Art in Paris in the 16th and 17th century. Painting and sculpture become the main attraction of the French monarchy and the French royal family. Paris  has attracted artist from around the world. Paris is the central of the development of romanticism in art, with Painters such; as Gary called impressionism, symbolism, cubism and art deco movement in Paris.

Photography in Paris

Nicephore produced the first permanent photography in Paris in 1825. which become the most common form of photography. Photography came to the reside in a central role in Parisian activity. Poster art also become important art form in Paris in the late 19th century.

Museums in Paris

The louvre the most visited Art Museum in the world. According to a survey, it passed the limit of the visitors. Which was 8.1 million in 2017. The Center George Pompidou is the second most visiting Museum in the City and it passed the limit of 3.3 million visitors. The third most visiting Museum in Paris, is The museedor say, which had 3.2 million visitors in 2017.

The musee national, d u moye n age, the Picasso Museum, ro d in museum, guimet museum are few popular museum. There is one of the large science museum in Europe is The site DS Sciences ET d iindustrie, which passed the limit of 2.4 million visitor in 2017. In the national Museum of natural history, who attracted 1.76 million visitor in 2017.

Theaters in the Paris.

Theater occupied a large place in Parisian culture. many of its most popular actors are today’s stars of French television. The oldest and the most famous theater of the Paris is come die francise, which is the Music halls and theaters exist in Paris today and attract more visitors.

In this manner, we found Paris is a best attraction for visitors and can be one of your dream places as mine.

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