Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

All the following terms and conditions related to service, content, post, and payment, guest post is govern by hp worlds. Hp worlds team have all rights to change their terms and conditions, privacy policy, disclaimer at any time. It is the responsibility of users to check and read the terms and condition before use our site.

1. Acceptance of terms and conditions

If you are using and visiting our site its mean you are agree with our terms and conditions, if you don’t agree than you should not visit here it is not for you.

2. Log in and sign up

If you want to register on our website, before registering on our site you would have to ensure with our terms and conditions.

And ensure that all the details provided by you are all correct and completed on for registration.

3. Account security

If you create any Account on hp worlds, you are responsible to maintain your account security. Never share your user id and password with anybody we would not be responsible for any misuse of your account.

If we find any suspicious and illegal activity done by account holders, we are free to ban and to take any action against your account any time.

4. Strictly prohibited on our site

Abusing, threading, harmful, vulgar, harassing, nudity, obscene, objectionable materials, any other kind of comment and pictures not allow by users in comments.

5. Content

All contents used on this site have copy rights of hp worlds. The details of a person who will confess with us, we do not required the personal details of that person.

And the name, palace of that person who belongs to your story, you are not bounded to write.

   5.1 Guest posting

Only unique content would be acceptable .if any issue, claim and copy content issue would be found in content. Post provider would be responsible for the issue and we remover his/ her content from website any time. Sexually exploit content not accepted on our website.

   5.2 Payment  

All payment method would be finalized by hp worlds after discussion. We will provide our services only after receiving payment from client.

6. Privacy policy and declaimer

Before visiting and working with us please visit our section of privacy policy and disclaimer and read them carefully.

Hpworlds.com is just a name that has been taken for blogging. It is not related to any private and government sector. Right now We are only providing guest post services on our website.